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Eyes of a Child - text


And the night unveiled the dark
Unleashed the moon
And the stars flickered light
To the lone enchanted tune
The child closed her eyes
Enough she had of sight
And the paths and doorways opened
To her darkest dreams came the night

Dreams, insanity, raped the virgin mind
Shattered innocence, but to have known
She want to blame
Was to admit their known guilt
Fall prey to the same, she said

"Welcome courage, we dream as not they
The true is true" and she took my hand

If you could see the world through
The eyes of a child
See the dark and know that it hides
You'd learn

Then one day, as she danced in the groves
Her eyes spoke, of a woman, I didn't know
"The years have gone and I'm afraid I must
Depart, but the courage I thank you,
For sheltering my heart"

"Farewell my friend, I dream now as do they"
The truth died as she opened her eyes
I am courage, I dream as not they,
To true be truth. Came the day

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