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Santa didn't keep his promise, so he's getting his cookies and milk NO MORE
All I wanted to get for Christmas was a Boba Fett
Still in original packaging, but Santa has abandoned me
And I wanted me a new guitar
With EMGs and a whammy bar
I don't know why thats so much to ask
I was good this year, but now I'm beatin some ass because
Santa's a bastard 'cuz he wouldn't give me what I wanted for Christmas
Santa's an asshole 'cuz he didn't give me what I wrote on my wishlist
Santa's all shady 'cuz he won't deliver on the things that he promised
Santa's so lazy making children suffer like a jolly old sadist
All I wanted to get for Christmas was a private jet
With a stuardess named Angelina Jolie
But Santa has forsaken me
And I wanted just like every year
A new liver and a truck of beer
I've been so nice and real patient too
But Kris Kringle's got a lot of explaining to do because
Santa brought a lot of socks

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