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Ladies Love Me (Jusrin Bieber ft. Chris Brown.. - text

Hey girl what you lookin' for you know I am the man
I got your heard, I'ma lock it in, I got it like no other can
Tu Catti no kick sand got me sinkin down like quick sand
Beat inside my chest goes "uh uh" girl will you take my hand
Now I said woah dere woah dere baby you be lookin fine
I see you out the corner of my eye one of a kind
I lossed I tossed it girl can I make a deposit
From the moment I never saw anotother
girl you now they drippin' like a focet
I'm like don't stop wit it wit it
love the way you get it get it
Flyin' over on the media well I'ma hit you up with a bedia
You so hot never gonna stop never gonna flock so lets rock
I'ma bark right now and I'ma call like me cause I'm rockin' with no top, no top uh

Ladies love me .....

Talk to me talk to me girl come on just walk with me
Fresh to the beat never like to repeat
and I'm bringing this heat and I'm outta double T
Trending, I'm a topic my mentions, can't stop it
So watch every little thing you put my way
I turn straight to pop it like
What's your name, what's your number
Girl so hot no need for summer
Mind screamin' talkin' thunder rock
your world no need to pound her

To then other days to them other times
To them other feelings to them other rhymes
To the signs that read between the lines
And to them other girls that blow my mind
JB and me know what to do
On the top of the world no other crew
Can't do it like I do it how I do
it it's beyond your mind like you never knew

New avenue not pass it
Them girls got me dead no casket
New wit on my grip bad boys dislike it
Never got a pretty girl that's it

Ladies love me....


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