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Jinn! Always the Jinn, always take one on the chin
The devil dogs and scorpions peel away and wear my skin

Smokeless flame, the common name
Less than the angels but more of the same
No paradise, no gre'thor will lay their claim
Whether the intentions are violent or just mundane

With the wind he disappeared
Confirming everything that I feared
The time passed is shown by the length of his beard

Salayman stands dead on his feet
Waiting for termites to resolve his conceit
In the mountains, in the seas,
In the air waits the disease
We are not gods, death comes to us all
But tonight I'm invincible; tomorrow I'll crawl
In the mountains, in the seas,
In the air waits the disease

The Jinn in this bottle, just don't let him drown
Next lesson you swallow, might be hard to keep down
Taste the penalty of the blazing fire
Taste the penalty, sing with the Devil's choir

Jinn! Always the Jinn!
Never thick and never thin
Thicker than blood, less than kin
The rattle trap night ends where it begins

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