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So much time slipped away as if it meant nothing at all - I remember that night, we didn't know it would be our last.
But now as I look back, an awkward tension hung in the air.
Now everything is different.
I don't know you anymore, and as we pass in the hall I feel myself weeping inside: knowing that the friendship that there once was has withered to but one glowing ember of a fire that burned so brightly.
And I swear to you the times are changing and I swear that you are too.
I swear to you that I'm no different, this I swear to you.
I think you're well aware, that this path
we've taken is all but fair.
With everyday we're led astray and slowly it just slipped away.
I am now accompanied by hollowed memories, all of them faded to black and grey.
These thoughts they tear me up inside, devour me, consume my mind.
I scream at night, rip our my hair, how much more can I forbear?
I swear, this I swear to you, from birth I think we knew, nothing is truly alive unless it dies.
And you I think you're well aware this path we've taken is all but fair, with everyday we're led astray and slowly it just slipped away from me.

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