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Fear And Loathing In Laramie - text


Compassion is shit.
Soft-spoken words and a look of concern.
The fire is lit.
Emotion will never extinguish
these flames that inaction has built.
What makes it burn?
A nation so straight that deviation’s a crime.
When will we learn that sexuality
is not a punishable offense?
On a cold October night,
a gentle soul was crucified
and what remains of his blood
still stains our idle hands
that soft-spoken words won’t justify.
Culprits are we.
Let’s talk about rights.
Let’s talk about se**** orientation.
Let’s talk about you
and an entire homophobic nation.
Will you follow me down?
Can we not separate ourselves from such hate?
Let’s sever the head of the beast
with the crown, let’s no longer participate.
Will you follow me down?
Why won’t anyone stand up?

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