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Believe in Love - text


Oh Lord! I don't know what I am feeling
And I'm not sure what I should do
This time I'm climbing my highest mountain
But I'm frightened to fall down again

There's a star that shines high and bright
Like a summer sun it burns again in my dreams
In it's light I've seen our love flyin'
Till the eyes of god but now it's all over

It's an old long fairytale life begins to tell me
There's a boy with his princess
With their love that will never end
But the book of destiny tells another story
It's a song of broken hearts
Where they live with tears in their eyes

One day evil will die
One day darkness will die
No more tears in my eyes
One day as lions
One day sorrow will die
One day sadness will die
No more tears in my eyes
One day as lions

I don't want to follow the sign of this guiding light
Until the end of my life
Here I stand fightin' the shadows of my past
But now it's too late

It's an old long fairytale life is tryin' to tell me
Nothing changed but myself
Growing old I changes so fast
You must leave your past behind
To see another sunrise
Faith is full of unfair laws
We should believe in love

Believe in love that will never die
Believe in love!

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