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I heard you’re on a witch hunt here tonight
Desperate to reclaim those limelight heights
But oh I can’t believe the envy cocktails you consume
and now you condescend to take me for a fool
Rescue me
Separate my desires
Capture these wicked men and release my mind
So summon those ghosts and try with all your might
The past is obsolete and you will find how
That chip with which you operate like someone owes you for your greatness
is the very thing that steals your heart’s desires...
Vicious men with vile ways
So envious in all their days
What will it take to demonstrate
Celebrity breeds infamy
Deliver me
Liberate us from envy
Reconcile every heart and destroy my pride
You come at me with villainy
In every sense it’s irony
Because the very act of jealousy
Has sealed yourself to slavery
Fame is infamy

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Picket Fence Cartel

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