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Built in the skies Of imaginations wide Your chance to be alive A growing world in which you hide

You hide inside!

Neverwhere Dreamscape
A haunting world you’ve made
The architect of lies

Your time disguised
You’re never coming back to life
A poisonous design
You’ve shaped a door and hid the key so far that you can’t find

You are blind!

You built the door
And locked away the key
Your only way of escaping
A nightmare born in me

A fading memory
The world lost in a dream
The last bridge burned to reality

Your mind is weak
Forever doomed to sleep
I’ll hunt you down and haunt your mind I’ll have your soul to keep!

Deep in your core
The hatred released me
No more excuses for a life you trade for reality

Refusing agony
To lose it all
Created by the dream you rise and you can fall

In this new world of fear
You’re plagued by that which once was dear
A world so vast, so far and wide

Trapped deep inside
Of a nightmare that won’t die
Your best escape into the lie your shadows intertwine

This world is mine!

Where can one go from here?
The distant scream you fear
Too many doors inside the mind

The answers too far away
Mind numbing energy
In Neverwhere Dreamscape

In Neverwhere Dreamscape you hide!

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