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Do you see the signs?
Of an end of time
No, you cannot run
You cannot hide
The media will find a way
Inside your brain
The strings attached to you

Don’t touch the dial
The answers are here
A sound to catch your ear
Fading away our humanity
Stolen by the TV screen
We waste away

A simple little smile
To keep you entertained
As the world goes down
Your minds are in affliction
Your eyes are in a daze
Why won't you realize this?
As the world goes down…

They put your focus into fear
The TV trains the mind
The sound controls the brain
As the world goes down the drain

Pretend to care about the world we live in
Just to ignore the ones that put their lives up on the line
Why don't they show the volunteers that keep the heart alive?
What’s to gain from covering the same old crime months at a time?

The government paid programming
The media controls your fate
With what you see you choose to just believe

Pitch perfect brand of liars
To lead you all astray
As the blind world stares
Another poisoned comment
Attached to what they say
And in your waking moment
It will be much too late
As the world goes down the drain

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