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The Gate - text


White walls
Cold light
Beeping sounds
People gathering around
A beautiful tune somewhere
Frantic voices becoming softer
Drowned by the swirling melody
Filling my head
Sight becoming blurred
A tunnel of light attracting me
I pass through
A feeling of freedom flows to me

I see a lovely being smiling gently
Welcome back my dear
A voice like chimes
I've been waiting for you
Are you willing?
I don't know
I still have so much to do
I'd like to stay and rest
But my children are so young
They need me as their guiding hand
It's your choise it answers
It's your choise

By now I've recognized the being
And look forward to see it again
With new energy and will not to forget
I make my way back
A flash of light
Beeping sounds come back to me
I focuse my view
On reliefed looking faces
I smile in remembrance

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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