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The Dividing Line - text


A park in the sunset
Abandoned since years
Just like the town
A whole world disappears

No one is left to see
The storm clouds in the air
The leaves of an old tree
Whisper to beware

The memories descended
Into an ocean of spears
Locked away from light
And left alone in tears

Fragments of desire
Burn on the path of sorrow
Eaten by the fire
There is no tomorrow

A boy and a girl
Forever torn apart
A split for the eye
But never for the heart

The graveyard of desire
The spectacle of pleasure
Beside the church of fire
Burns an infernal treasure

The graveyard of desire
Sealed the body of time
Enchanted by the choir
We are the dividing line

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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