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Good morning, world
What's my destiny today?
I feel so lost
Got no past no history

Produced out of one
Wisdom locked away
Now I'm here
Why don't you call me son today?

Face to face
And eye to eye
You created me
And you don't know why
Face to face
And eye to eye
You invented me
And now you tell me why

They tried to fight
Their fear of death
And they created me
And my fear for life
What is it like to be loved?
I didn't want this life
I didn't want to live
Beside you monsters

You evoke me
Tell me what I'm here for
Did you forget to think about it
In the days of yore?

You were afraid to die
So you cloned yourself
Did you really think
You could jump the space?

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Video přidal DevilDan

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