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43rd floor
In his room alone
He is scared
But this is home

43rd floor
He looks at his toys
Behind that door
Was again a noise

43rd floor
In the night
It's three o'clock
That's the time they fight

43rd floor
The toys are alive
They protected him
A puppet still holds the knife

43rd floor
His soul is sore
But nobody hurts him

43rd floor
What a tragic demis
Blood on the carpet
Encloses the flies

43rd floor
No sound at all
A bizarre still-life
With blood on the wall

43rd floor
In the seventh week
They gnaw the rests
Of a corpse's cheek

In the next room
Sit the remains
And the beasts
Are catching flames
A fire slowly
Burns the scene
It turns to dust
Forever unseen

The smoke creeps
Under the front door
And keeps the secret
Of the 43rd floor

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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