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Acid Ocean - text


You drink the words
You eat the meaning
You can’t get enough
But you’re just dreaming

Then you spit it out
You despise your role
And you wait for the next one
To feed your soul

All the things we had
Life stops in its motion
All is melting down
Into the acid ocean
We composed the light
The symphony of notion
The resonance of time
Dies in an acid ocean

Time is the keeper of the track
Nothing ever will come back
And everything falls apart
Into a billion pieces of art

All you want is a dream of life
You hate the ones who try to wake you
You want to go back into the land
Where you are fat and full of purpose

The very last view
Reached deep into space
Into the darkness
Fixed by death

Forever unseen by the eye
A bright sun shines right behind
The refusal to turn around
Merges darkness with mankind

Text přidala Moonlight

Video přidal DevilDan


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