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The Dawn on Pyther - text


Marked for eternity…

The sun is rising
Above the pyramid
Symbol of life to
This planet

At the pyramid
The old scientists
Forecast change
A long last memory
“We see water…”
“Who is dreaming this?”

Palettes of color
Exploding in green forest
Blue Oceans and blood red sunsets
Palettes emotions
Driving the moods
With its twin suns
Comes to life

People walking up
Beginning their day
Some go to the markets
Others to the sea
While the mechanical dragonflies
Dive into the ocean of pleasure
Their new garden of Eden
Real… finally touchable…

In this world
Technical evolution
Merges with happiness
And age-old traditions
Of mind control and travels

Hovering, hovering,
The hovering trees
A gift from far away
Paradise for
The meka dragonflies
That wished, for so long,
A true garden…

Pyther with its twin suns
Comes to life
A new day has begun for us now
The embrace of technology
Forever changing their ways
Always looking out
Into outer space

Bathed by this sun
Sending news everyday,
News of life and energy
Pyther, twin suns,
Pyther, energy,
Pyther, Cheops

Huge mountains
High as Cheops
Reaching the skies
The pyramid embraces
The horizon
A shadow of confidence
The sentinel,
Watching for its people

“The Floating World,
Now stationed in its orbit
Resting from a long trip
Providing power
To the planet
Before continuing
Its endless journey…”

Wide buildings
Great streets
Developed so quickly
With the aid
Of the mind and body

The wind,
Carrying ideas,
The species, sending
Dancing thoughts
To each other

This amazing planet reborn
Saved by another world,
Flying in the vacuum of space

Its name will prevail,
Until everything ceases to exists,
Cause everything must end!

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