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This feeling is growing
Growing, growing

This feeling is growing
Strange feeling is growing
Growing inside of me and

…it’s burning
Burning within me
And it’s killing
It’s killing me
A feeling I cannot escape!

The child within me
Seeking energy from me
And drinking from me
Becoming me! Wild!

Escape! Escape!
Fly! Fly away!
I see! I see!
The planet
And ocean of wisdom
So many things hold back
In memories…

This feeling is growing
Strange feeling is growing
Inside of me

I feel a human nature in me
Why cannot I understand
It’s impossible for us to
Understand it, isn’t it?
There has to be an end…

I’m walking up!

So I search, I’ll go away
And I’ll fade away
Melting into space
Becoming space

Things hidden inside
Are awaking up!

And I’ll go away
Fade away, fade away

It’s growing
Growing inside me
It’s burning
Burning inside me
Burning inside of me
And it’s killing
I cannot escape!
It’s killing me
It’s a feeling I cannot escape

It’s growing, it’s growing
I can’t take it,
I’m gonna live my life now,
It’s waiting for me

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