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Thoughts wandering
Through the air,
I’m just a thought
I’m just an idea
Making patterns of

I’ve seen more than
A thousand minds
I’ve travelled through
So many entities
And I’m going inside
A new one
To explore
To ignite the mind
To expand your consciousness
To release your true power

She seeks me
And to say the truth
I seek a new mind
A new world for me (for us)
I’m just a thought but
I want to see how it is
Curiosity, insatiable

I’m there
Restless mind
This dragonfly
The most evolved one
I’m… fading
Becoming her
Just a thoughts,
In a thousand thoughts
Inside her
A thousand minds
It’s all there is…

Sharing so many minds
Ideas are travelling
No owner, no home

A thousand minds
It’s all there is…


Challenging the skies
I’m just a thought
I’m just an idea
Changing, better
Time will forget me
Time will forget us
Or not… maybe not

Flying thoughts
A thousand mind
Flying thoughts
A thousand mind

She drives and
With me, with us
We’re invisible
Our home
The floating pyramids
Carrying us through
Our open books of life

I’m just a thought…

Challenging the skies
We’re just flying thoughts

We’re just ideas
That will change your life
Becoming your dream
Writing your
Open book of life

Now closed
Forever written
In the sands of time

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