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Dragonfly Garden - text


The ever dream garden
Such a humble place
But everything to them
Well, most of them…
‘cause the simple things
Are all that matter

Colors only seen
In their dreams
Amazing trees
Hovering above the ground
Roots barely touching it
But connected by energy

The feeling of touch
And it’s reality
Fades the artificial flavor
Of the old garden
Of the Floating Wonder,
The floating wonder…

A place they call home
A place that makes them feel alive
Growing with them
Taking the same steps of Pyther

The wind is raging
Against their faces
Just like embraces
Making the distant human
Pass through so many stages

(Changing the Meka parts
Meka into flesh)

Magical Garden
Dragonfly Garden
Dragonfly Garden
Dragonfly Garden

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Video přidal paja65

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