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This Is My Horse (Show Me Yours) - text

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Well I'm up, I've got my pot
I've got my cup, I've got the lot,
I'm out for lunch, I've lost the plot
Look at my horse I'm riding and I may never stop!
She's got a mane, she's got a throne
Upon her back so here we go
Once again, well I'll be blowed
Look at the crowd let's stop and say hello
So many folks, I've met so far
Some lovely blokes who got me charged
Some lovely girls, a bit bizarre
I see my love out there wherever you are
Through estates where I make rap
The scary chaps who won't wink back
They find me strange, but now their trapped
In a cliché while I'm hitting like a willow cricket-bat
It's all game, so if you're bored
Of all the same then climb aboard
And we can see what we can see
Whether abroad over here or even over-seas
My lovely horse, my might steed,
I give my thanks, oh yes indeed
For helping me see what to be,
On my horse as free as I could ever be
I'm on a horse, I've got a horse, I ride my horse, I like my horse
My lovely horse is not your horse
Can't have horse not a horse that's even like my horse
It is my horse, its got four legs, it is a horse,
I ride it around, because it's a horse, that's what you do when you got a horse
And that's very much what I got
I got a horse, a lovely horse, a pretty horse, a pretty horse...

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