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Now, but we can't start without some theme music
Haha, yes. Ah that's brilliant
I always knew it was worth building a robot entirely of old trumpets
Every hero needs theme music
And this is mine
Finest beat i could fine
Renewed spirit in mine
Spit fire
To find a missing friend of mine
Dip dive
Till i arrive at the end of time
This is music for black holes
And alternative futures
This is music to play through your on-board computer
A song to play in Batmobiles
Or a man of steels iPod
Billy bats and magic words
Or marvel man, my god
Fire up your targets
The games afoot
Underpants over tights
Is now a good look
I begin expeditions
No end to my mission
There's been monkey business
And my friend is missing
So listen all scalawags
Vagabonds, villains
Beware because it's on
This is just the beginning
No cape, just a time belt with vivid shine
Every hereo needs theme music
And this is mine
Fire up the Maxwell-o-matic scratch 3000
I want to begin this mission in style
1, 2, 3...go
Ladies and gentleman
Back to the lab
Make make way
Cause here i come
Drinking his tea
I'm dropping science
When i get stupid to the point that i'm Mentally mad
The mad, the mad scientist
I drop science, as if i was butter fingers
The mad scientist
Professor professor
Drop science on your ear
I drop science like Crosby dropped a baby
Scientific with madness

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