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Steam Powered, Steam Powered, Steam Power
Steeeeeeeeeeamm Power!
So you'd like to know about Steampunk, would you Jennifer?
I suppose I can
Teach you a thing or two
If you're all about steam and brass
And all you need to start is tea and a flask
Sharp set of gears in a gleaming arc
In the sky race heaving and screaming past
If you're all about reaching far
Seeking the past on secret charts
Meeting in secret beneath the stars
With a decent mask and a good moustache
If you're really part of an army
Marching armed for starting a party
A said weapon so wondrous
And a specially constructed blunderbuss
So thunderous
But don't come to fuss
Got a wanderlust
Then you're one of us
We bump Steampunk
Need one of these jumped
Free powered
Free fun
Here come the Steampunks
If you want to see some obsolete technology
Brollies and slot machines
Then you want to follow me upon an odyssey
To the bottom of the sea
To the underwater colony
Where we dock and the airlocks release
A mahogany lobby leads off into the property
Watch, you see the monstrosities of the deep peep
Through the windows that we walk beneath
If you wish to see a little piece of history
Back in 2053 this would be Italy
Streets glittering prettily
Just like a Christmas tree
Until the heat rose six degrees
And now we're living in the middle of the drifting sea
Using industries of antiquity
By which i mean
Wave energy, solar, wind and
Steam Power!
Under a tunnel back in time
Covered in soot and factory grime
All other groups to the back of the line
We are the future in fact divine
Gleaming machinery seemed to be reckoned with
Every single member
Excellent gentlemen
Seen with a seamstress leading a steamship
In between tea sips
People need this
Because we're taking care of our crew
Like we do our facial hair
Be made aware then when making improvements
Don't call it a scene it's more of a movement
More of an era clearing the air
Taking over and nearly there
Pirates, ladies, vagrants, fiends
Welcome one and all to the age of Steam!

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