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Hell on Earth - text


It's 6 o'clock in the morning and I can't
Remember a thing that I did last night
My truth is stranger than fiction and I'll
Do it all over again but I know that your right
Now I'll settle for silence after 14 hours of violence
I've done my time, and my points they all ring
Hollow in the shallow depths of my soul and mind
In my soul and mind
I seemingly started a war
S please don't ask me for more
Cause I don't need to tell you again
If I told you all once before
Well at least I can say it was on
Even though it just wasn't worth
The pain or the price...
It was hell on earth
Another day in the trenches, entrenched
In all of the problems of my life
The scars I wear like medals, emotionally
Inflicted, but some by knife
Oh... you better believe it, cause I'm a
Force to be reckoned with my friend
Always looking for victims
It's all about survival in the end
It's ten o'clock in the evening
And the battle rages on and I see red
I try my best to fight it
Ground zero marks the walls inside my head

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