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Tweety Bird Freestyle - text


The Tweety Bird
The avarix
The apex
Niggas know I get money, and I get checks
Leather mami to 6 bound, my life a movie
All the people ain't fuck with me gon' say they knew me
Many maps, the gold chain, the blow pops
I get high off of my own hustle, it don't stop
Long braids and baby hairs, I'm so fine
Gettin pretty with age, baby, I'm like wine
When you see me, I'm gonna get, jus give it time
Anything I put focus to is all mine
The hood bitch, the big bitch, the cash flow
The lil fairy, the nympho, the indigo
The long nails, the pigtails, I'm Wavy Spice
The North Face, the Last [?], the big type
Bart Simpson, a real fuck up, that's no lie
I'm jus firing my own shit, baby, that's no lie
Not cool an outcast out Tel Aviv
New York and Tompkins
Just like the movie Kids, real slick, the slickest, the hustler
Harlem live in my veins, I swear to god, I was born a fuck up
Jet beauty, Puerto Rican cutie
On the floor tryna do all I can do and-and do some more
Ha, ha, ha!

[Verse 2]
The lil kitty, the lil bitty, the mouth flute
Ain't no time for your bullshit now deuce deuce
I'm bothered, I'm a real nigga
Full endorsements, I make big figures
Nokia, she a go-getter
This baseball, she a big hitter
Three hits, I'ma strike out
Surfboard, I wipe out
Psycho, headcount, Bellevue, I'ma break out
Baseball, I'm a short stop
Pitch hard with a big cock
Real quick, I'ma strike out
Homerun with the lights out
Batter up, first in it
In the lead and it's jus beginning
Home team and I'm still winning
Big dreams and I'm still living
I just take what I was given
Pray to God that I'm forgiven

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