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No, I am not that hoe
20K, first class for a one day show
And I made so much back with the merch I sold
I am a business man, I'm no average hoe
I am the headliner, not the support, bro
I think you got it twisted, let me show you though
I am a rockstar and I'm twice as cold
These little doo-doo boys they could get up and go
I took this shit hostage and I won't let go
I am the real deal, not some SoundCloud hoe
Oh you really doin' numbers? Ask about me though
Oh you think you're hot? When you prove you're cold
Little boys, oh you think you got toys?
Little boys, oh you think you make the noise?
Little boys, oh you think you got the heat?
Little boys, oh you think you from the street?
Nah bro, shut your dumbass up
Y'all them goofy hypebeasts with your double cups
Everybody in your squad, but it's just three blunts
Oh you waitin' on that sour, boy you fuckin' up
Pay attention, pay attention when a grown up talk
You are not fuckin' rich and you don't hold no work
All your music's fuckin' corny and it sound the same
Let me guess, you just waited to put on your team
I am sorry, I am sorry, I am not this mean
All you circulation cuttin' off them skinny jeans
You're all the court jesters and I am the queen
All y'all do is walk SoHo and y'all act like fiends

Double XL done featured me, well
How the fuck does that feel? No you don't wish me well
No, you hope that I fail, but I won't 'cause I can't
It's Return of the Mack and I'm lit to the max
And I really count stacks, this a tour back to back
And I got a catalogue, it's iconic as fuck
Three albums in three years, damn I'm good as fuck
It's 2017 and you out of luck
This is Princess Nokia, I don't give no fucks
I just light my L and I do my work
Make a big exhale then I turn and burp
You don't like my style? Well okay, that's cool
'Cause my money real long and I am not like you
I'm an old school hoe with a new school flow
I refuse to be supportin', got my own damn show
I'm a headline that, that's my racks on racks
I'ma send it all out and I'mma make that bag
See a bill full of dudes, I don't play that shit
I'm a motherfuckin' superstar, you heard me bitch
I'm a motherfuckin' legend, not some lit rap bitch
And I refuse to open for a dude that really ain't shit

Laughin' at the rappers who got ego in they pocket
Always talkin' money but they never ever got it
They always gotta flex it, if you rich then you don't stress it
The less you show, the more you have and let that be a lesson

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