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Look at me
Tell me what you see
The back and forth of an earthquake
Goes strong and sturdy tree
I ask myself this question, but it's still a mystery
How I'm gonna keep my balance when I
Look at you
How can you not know
Standing over there like a Nefertiti, or the queen, Dido
Please don't think too ill of me
It's all that I can do
Not to feel myself when I
Look at you
Modesty aside, whoever made you should be praised. Yes!
Ain't no need to hide
Every glass should be raised
Brandy or martini
Kudos overdue
What else is there really when I
Look at you?
Fight it, yes, my soul has tried
When you look at me
All other women just roll their eyes
But even Ray Charles can see you
Stevie Wonder can too
Thoughts well up and wonder
Thinking about me and you
A dozen fantasies you
Call me won and done
When you look at me
Look at you, look at me

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