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Final Call - text


Your holy scripture your bible verse
They cause all conflict and make things worse
Listen to the battle cries turning into pain
Priests of doom will spread the lies all hope is vain

There's just one thing which remains free
Hopes and thought and dignity
Self entitled warriors trained and bound to kill
To emerge victorius our suffering is their thrill

Why can't you hear the final call the final call

When all the Gods have been appeased
Cold laughter when you´re on your knees
Plenary indulgence live just to die a martyr
Your abyss of ignorance your only plan to torture

Insidious danger deviousness
The fallen angel of righteousness

Obey without consideration suffer no mistakes
Your view is unimportant sense has been replaced

Why can't you hear the final call the final call

The final call the final call

Text přidala Lucipher69

Text opravil DevilDan

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