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Constant Heart - text


The ground is shaking as they're rolling down the street
And there is fear in people's eyes
Organic war machines - the unkind second fleet
Alien brains computerized

Spitting lightnings - pulsing laser
Throwing bodies to the wall
Cruel and fighting - infantry
Metallic heartbeats - angry roar

Constant heart

Prepared for counterstrike we gather in the hell
To map a damning battle plan
Joining the forces with the ones we fought before
The evil menace against man

Blood red eyes - side by side
Avenge our losses - no retreat
There's just one thing in our minds
Victory implicidly

Constant heart

Dead bodies everywhere
We will avenge
We stand together
This army of mankind
Will not surrender

Constant heart

We've saved earth and now we know
We're different races but we're one
No religion, and no strong man
Should be a cause to start a war

Constant heart

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Kikhush

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