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Down by the river
Three sickle mounted souls
Lay wined on the green leaf
Digging their rock 'n' roll
Hey hey, digging their rock 'n' roll
Slashed by the wild geese
The silence it did tear
Sticks swung in violence
Young America murdered there
Hey hey, young America murdered there
As one soul lay dying
Only two were there to care
On through the valleys
Sad sickle clowns they ride
Pressed tight against morning
Beneath the blackened sky
Hey hey, beneath the blackened sky
There on a hill of gold
Wild children play
They bend to pick the flowers
The sun dissolves the day
Hey hey, the sun dissolves the day
If you can't close one eye
Then turn the other way
Faces bark in anger
With savage bitter words
Twist against the friendship
With rapid shots they're blurred
Hey hey, with rapid shots they're blurred
There by the highway
Two sickles melt in flames
They burn without the knowledge
Of why their lives were claimed
Hey hey, why their lives were claimed
As the smoke drifts skyward
We search for those to blame ...

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