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Lost that girl - text

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I got myself some good news
I bought myself some blue suede shoes
I took down my suit and I pressed it
I shook up my body, and I lost that girl
Well I made my first mistake
Asking that little girl to wait
She was the icing on my cake
And now she's gone, and I lost that girl
She gives me the heebie-jeebies
Shakes me down to my knees
She waits till I really get rolling
Then she passes me like a breeze
You know the red light sealed my fate
I knew then I'd be late
When I got there she gave me the freeze
She said you're gone boy, and I lost that girl
Help me find her Dick
I was out in search of a good time
Scanning the streets I felt fine
I fell for that perfect double cross
Lucked out, and I lost that girl
Policeman in the car park
Waiting for me outside
You know he give me that real heat treatment
When the flashlight hit my eyes
You know I made my second mistake
Asking that cop to wait
He said I'm gonna put you away for good, and
You'll be gone and he said here boy you're really dead
Lost that girl

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