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Bull's Eye - text

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Another bottle conquered
Another day in no mans land
The pain is growing stronger
My struggles taking overhead
You never clarified your reasons
Tell me was it real or fake
Did you ever have a feeling
Or was it just another heart to break
Since you left and dropped that bomb on me
You hit me through the center of my heart
You cripped me you ripped and tore my
World apart
Well if your intentions was to hurt me
By living out a lie
You hit me through the center of my heart
You hit the bull's eye
Now was I just a gun for hire
To satisfy your every need
Did you ever feel the fire
Or was I just another piece of meat
You know I never saw it coming
You always seemed to have an alibi
I neverhad a warning
All you gave me was a bag of lies
You left me bleeding when you ran away
You betrayed me made a fool of me

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