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N. Y. behind a thousand doors
N. Y. under trasparent floors
you decide the time and lives
a thousand hopes of different sizes
every feeling, every love,
every place where man must stay or go.
N. Y. dark town without a sky
N. Y. too tired to feel the tyres
a million hands, a million feet,
walk the walls, warn the street.
Sick old kings could never reign
while heroes sing to rise again…
Throungh the nigth, yous shadows
together watch the day
inverter the phases
that all faced the other vay…
You dream of lovers,
and contacts underground
must tell their neighbours
how the world is going around…
N. Y. standing where stars have stood
N. Y. you’re in my heart my boots
rolling, you cant only try
easy ways to make the sky
leave suspicion, like a sing
to the morning, from a nigth thats over.
N. Y. you’re in my heart, my way
N. Y. forget it, now I’ll stray?
every new occasion lost
every feeling, every love.
All the place I must stay or go…
New York…
New York…

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