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Lake of Eternity - text


Lost in the oceans,
our kingdom is gone,
Without a ray of hope,
we stumble through the night

Holding on
to our memories,
we are searching
for the promised land.

Days of glory over 1000 years,
After the war of a million tears

It's not an illusion,
A tribe without a nation.

Lost with the heaven, the earth and the sea,
We fly with our angels to infinity.


We are lost in the lake of eternity
Believing in tales of our glorious history
A grain of sand in the desert of reality
We are lost in the lake of eternity.

Like a roaring thunder,
we fight the enemy,
After the years of war,
We complete the tragedy.

It's not an illusion, we lost our nation
The love another's woman, brought death to our dynasty.
We fly with our angels to infinity.

(Repeat chorus)

We lost our heroes,
the bodies lie on the ground
Defeated by a wooden horse,
death is all around
The war is over
and we lost the battle
But in the end
we live forever.

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