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The Shape of Things to Come - text

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Time moves like the cars on the street
A million miles from here to nowhere
The only thing real is the fact
That you search for a way just to try not to get there
Another day, another problem
Another way for me to solve them
The things you do are so mysterious
When did things get so serious?
The shape of things to come has just begun, alright
Don't be afraid of the future
It doesn't include you, it only removes you
It's the only way out of the past
Out of the now, out of the anything
Another day, another battle
Another cage for me to rattle
And what is gone is never new
So let your mind explode into
The shape of things to come has just begun, alright
Don't turn your back and walk away
It will lead you straight back to your yesterday
Take your place straight up in the line
Place the blindfold over your eyes
So many stories that need to be told
It doesn't matter ‘cause you're already sold
The shape...(don't let it end without you)
The shape...(don't let it be that way)
Of things to come has just begun, alright

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