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Shadows fall at the ending of the day
Darkest time is just before the dawn
Seems to me I’m trapped behind the veil
Maybe I am the one who’s being torn.
Now it’s time to break away, from the chains of misery
And it’s getting hard to breathe, fading voice of liberty
See it in their eyes, turn around and say goodbye
Cross my heart and hope to die
I don’t know any reason why
I’ve been left behind by a world that’s changing
Break the night and crack the sky
Take me on to another time
Show me how to fly, to the Sixth Dimension
Hopeless land where the one eyed man is King
Shifting sands that hide how things should be
Seems to me we’re blinder every day
Maybe I am the one that truly sees.
It could never be me, I could never be free
Living here with my own reflection
If it comes from the heart, so I know I should start
Heading into the Sixth Dimension
In a world of wonder
So many paths to choose
There are roads that lead to nowhere
You must refuse
Live your life your own way
Don’t let them drag you down
Hold your head up high
Your chains no longer bound

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Sixth Dimension

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