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Did I ever tell you of the place where we must go
Far beyond the mountains and the land of ice and snow
Did I ever tell you of the city in the stars
Where the fire forever burns, a beacon in the dark
The road is never easy, many miles to go
So I travel on believing what you and I still know
Surrounded by serenity
Enlightening the mystery
The City of Starlight is calling you
To join the defenders of light
Did you ever wonder 'bout the ones that we have lost
They gave their lives for us they paid the highest cost
Did you ever dare to dream you'll see them once again
In Starlight City - it's a world without an end
Did you ever tell you how the future's gonna be
We're bound for glory on the wings of liberty
Did you ever feel as though your world was crashing down
Stand up for the freedom hear it calling all around

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