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It was the very best of times
When you were in my life
Like endless days of summer
Didn’t know it wouldn’t last,
That fate would intercede
And tear down my defences
How can I ever live without you, now you’ve gone away
How can I ever hope to find you, even for one day
Can’t fight the feeling deep inside my heart
You were my friend to the end
Pray for the day when our souls meet again
Always remember, never forget
Pray for the time when we walked side by side
You were my guiding light
When I held you in my arms
And laid you down to rest,
I buried you in sorrow
Suffered many sleepless nights,
Nightmares seemed so real
But you will sleep forever
That was many years ago,
I got on with my life
Just how you would have wanted
And I hope I made you proud
In everything I’ve done,
Your shining light still guides me

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