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Crunching the numbers - text


We fell on harder times than we had known before
Heading for tomorrow full of fear
Unemployment riding high, the country on its knees
Heading for disaster so it seems

[Chorus I:]
We worked so hard but for no return
Money just slipping through our hands
What can we do now but carry on
Fingers to the bone

[Chorus II:]
Don't believe the things you read or see upon the TV screen
From your own conclusions, practice what you preach
Time has come to realise, economy is jeopardised
Where does that leave us now?

[Chorus III:]
Crunching the numbers is all we can do
Hope there's enough left for me and you
Cross the line, the great divide
Crunching the numbers from black into red
Hope to survive, not to end up dead
Can this be what is left for me?

We put our trust in those who said they wouldn't fail
Find the right investment for us all
Stocks and shares and banking institutions up for sale
Everything we worked for ends in tears

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus III]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus III]

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