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Shades of Night - text

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Darkness through on society
Having dreams of a thousand years
Living in despair surrounded
Fear, under animal desire
Millions people out control
Destruction by violence cruel
Chaos penetrate through this land
Peace killing by speed chariot
No… different between dark and light
No… more rule of wrong or right
Suffering is our destiny and realty
(Silence screams from the deep out heart)
(Turning out to loud)
Of pression all civil of mankind
Hidden crime from another land
Where is hope, where is love, where is trust
When all the dream have turned to dust
We don’t want the ruin of this land
We will fight till time we must die
The end of the pains and torments
Are the ends of sickness symphony
Shades of night, time to fight
We must take back the future
Shades of night
Time to fight
Killing tyrant that spill the people`s blood

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Peace, Love & War

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