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Pouya | Goofy Goobers - text


[Verse 1: Pouya]
They said I couldn't hit 'em with the lyrical
Paint a perfect picture like Picasso it's a miracle
I know some homies on the streets who own the cannon
Bumpin' Dirty Red gettin head
And I ain't touchin' on the pussy if it's dirty red, period
Time of the month, trynna get this paper up and fuck college
[Verse 2: Pouya]
High school and bye school, bi bitches and lesbians can get it in
Even when they say they don't, they want it, just as bad as us
They don't like it then atleast they tried it once
Second is the redo
Third time the charm
Babygirl slide don't be alarmed and I remember when she told me Pouya gone be lonely
Same bitch text me one and actin' like she know me. Fuck it
Let's chop it up like Obi Wan Kenobi
Eatin expired cheese so when i spit its funky
Take the light out my spot
Its for the love of money middle finger to you bops
5 and 0 charlie sheen but motherfuck the cops
Im on my winnin' streak fuck the hoe until she feelin weak
Babygirl dont talk just let the pussy speak [x2]
Im on my supermodel flow [?]
Mortal combat get her wet then i finish her
She pop that pussy open time for dinner sir [x2]
Layin' in the bed layin' lyrics down
Cause once you get a little buzz ladies come around, haters come around, foes come around
People put you down so they feel better, but they don't know better
Watch your back [?]

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