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Pouya - Get Buck PROD. BY Rellim - text


[Verse 1: Pouya]
Ready to pop drop top fuck cops,
And I’m never gon' stop,
Cough drop in my mouth cause I’m sick with the shit that i spit out the lip
Rip-n-dip with the click
The whole team gotta hit
Real quick, talk shit get hit,
Man the clock gon' tick so I gotta get rich
We all gonna die, (yeah)
These haters gon' test me but all of them pie, (yeah)
I know you want it why you acting shy, (shyyy)
This ones for the homies who really do me
You claiming you hard well then show me
It’s double S bitch and we murkin' this shit,
We working for certain she jerking the dick,
Spread the booty hole and put the fingers in the clit,
Real shit take it out she gon lick that shit,
That spit on the dick exit then she clean that shit with her own damn lips now picture that shit, damn,
I am the man, blue print shit yeah I got the plan,
Local rap can’t take over the land
So i figured its time to get bigger for the cheese

I'ma fiend, know what I mean
I’m on the scene, with the team
Little Pou, what it do
Like a fat ho I don’t fuck with you, (nah)
You my dawg then I take out the you,
Yo my homies will always come through,
Better duck when they buck,
Press your luck,
Ain’t nobody give a fuck in my city,
Every man for himself so i stay to myself,
Low key I’m on stealth mode feeling like silhouettes in the dark ho,
You can see but you really don’t know whats inside,
Take flight on a bitch she was talking to much gotta ride,

Get wet like the tide don’t be a lil' pussy dont hide when i slide right by with the guys stay fly up over the sky you a lie if you say that i ain’t goin in put your sword against my pen bet i win smart stunnas up in this shit dont trip hit a lick for the liq for the bitch she sip on the drink to the point she can’t think brainless famous for the head she giving no paying hear what im saying little pouya im laying these rappers straight down dont fuck with me never dont fuck with me now you clown wear the lip stick got you on the hit list all around the world i got bitches and you know this double s focused on the guwop like gucci im posted with my dawgs like vick caught the pic on your bitch pogo shit when she jump on the stick equipped and ion kiss lips unless they pussy fuck these haters they ain’t really talking to me can’t see em or hear em hellen keller i will never let a hater put me down no neva eve let em get the pussy w etter and its leaking like a faucet sell the ho to get the profit stuff the money in my pocket tell the ho to walking im young so i gotta stay flossin bossin all these rappers mocking my style so i flip the bird and walk it out doing my thang what you talking bout stay in yo place like a parking spot dont get out of line homies notorious committing crimes like johnny layton i stay on my grind bitch you is basic so get ouy my life ima young mother fucker so i pull up to the scene girls love my style cause they said it was mean something like lysol the flow is so clean taking it back to the city miami is where i be 1994 style ho stickin n trickin a bitch drop a load down her throat bet making her wet she need a motha fuckin rain coat baby bone pouya sit down take a toast cause the kid dont slack my pack got my back so dont try me you know where to find me no more acting kindly its time to go in for the win if i got yo ill sin you haters is trash where is the bin hear them boys talking shit so i hit up the juce mane hit a lick for the drug slang white bitch like cocaine you can keep your pants on ima slide through the g string well im just dippin ain’t got time for women ballin scottie pippen im born to get with it no trippin im slippin the vans on my feet just feelin like a million bucks give it up for the kid with a plan you know that i roll with a team on demand i know you know that im the man and fuck rap i wanna see the cash start with a play for today to get paid like the first of the month dont be layzie this shit getting crazy i hate being copied yo raps ain’t original straight up no subliminal nobody hearing you they sleepin on me so i wake they ass up with the lyrical ima mother fuckin G dont you see i done told you dont sleep on me ho

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