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Duality - text

I have never met you , but I know you very well.
You have never seen me , but you know who I am.
Both of us restless , awaiting day by day
Anticipate inside , this is not just a game.

You´re reason for my rage , aggression.
I´m purpose of your fear , depression.
You beget my rancour , malevolence.
I maintain your troubles , sadness and stress.

I know sooner or later,
There will be a day,
When in this our theatre,
The roles have to be changed.
I know some day or other,
I will see unknown face,
And looking in that mirror,
I will stay powerless.

I´m reason for your rage , aggression.
You´re purpose of my fear , depression.
I beget your rancour , malevolence.
You maintain my troubles , sadness and stress.

Text přidal SunnyCry_F

Video přidal SunnyCry_F

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