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Some Of Us Are Crazy - text

Only the candlelight can say
I light through the night and day
I swear I'd never hurt the sun
Or just the electricity

Some of us really need to love
One super-crazy girl with harp
So wild - it doesn't matter
What color's in her hair

I guess I'm taking you home
Catharina I'm taking you home

Take off your headphones
And listen to me
'Cause I've got something
You want to see
My heart - oh no - my bed
Oh why are you looking so sad Catie

You fell from the heaven
But I'm scared of heights
You're out of law
And I know my rights
I think we'll meet each other
In some next life

Catharina you're home
Even though you're here for the last time
'Cause it's not your home
And that's why you're here for the last time

Catharina you're home

Text přidal DevilDan

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