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Low Life - text


I'm wandering in Time Square, I'm low life
I ain't wearing no underwear 'cause I'm low life
Nobody sees my face
I go without a trace
Although I'm planning great things

Has anyone seen me on the subway?
I've got no lucky star above me
I stand here ironing
My door bell never rings
And I've forgotten my name

On TV a prize fighter is crawling
I'm laying here for some balling
Now I'm in bed but I'm stalling
Sweet dreams

I'm wandering Time Square with the low life
In bikini underwear, I'm low life
Something has swallowed you
And who would bother you?
Dressed up in orange and red

If you are not a people creature
Then you're presumably a preacher
Your ass is history
Stripped of all mystery
They have evicted your name

Your name
Your name
Your name.

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