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Girls of N.Y. - text


There are People there
Trying so hard to find a face
There's a little store on 9th street
That does a complete transvestite makeover
There's people who sew
There's people who blow
There's Jewish Poets
And some who don't know it
There's Blacks with an axe
There's Pretty girls with an ex
The streets are alive
With a rushing river that never dies
The Boys and Girls Come in So Clean
Reaching Out their little hands
Towards that Dream People from Everywhere
Jamaicans, puerto ricans, englishmen, spaniards,
Japanese, portuguese, argentines,
Norwegians and Swedes and forget me, from detroit city.
Walking down the Street
Like she knows where she's going, those old clothes
And that new body
With just a little hint of dirt in her eye
Cracks start to show through the make-up
But the girl's got character, the girl's got soul
That's the kind of girl I wanna know
That Jacket, all worn out
And those Jeans, all bagged out
Combat Boots, Trouble! Sexy, ye-yeah.

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