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Zen Automaton - text


A zen automaton
Couldn't crack that koan
And drive the sword of humans guilt
Right up to its diamond hilt
I read it on my phone

Holy shit is that Sir Ian McKellen leaning from the clouds?
Shooting lightening from his eyes all across the Burmese crowds?
I don't know much but I know I don't like them at all
Whatever they do, whoever they are
I read it on my phone

Paint me green and push me through the surgery door
Julienne my frontal lobe and bludgeon me with a two-by-four
And send me to the wild to eat and fuck and fuck and eat
God, Father, give up your seat for the pregnant and the old
Don't you know who that is? It's Ringo Fucking Starr

It takes 1.56666666 fractions of the time
It took me to stand up and realise we need to die
In Silicon Valley they're working in and for the greatest minds
A nihilist pact is just what logic prescribes
I feel like I could piss right out the window and hit the moon

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