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Wheel - text


Its the same shape as the teardrop starts to break
she started sobbing in waves
she's shaking wheel to wheel
and the retarded man who's hiding food under his coat
running through the weeds of fall so radiant
on the same day she was sad to graduate she had to park in the street
what is a world without wheels
he left his home because he didn't watch TV
without his meds he feels so radiant

in his world in his wheel of daisy chains
in his world in his wheel of daisy chains

in jail they sprayed for lice cherry coke cherry coke it was his favorite three days
she saw him once crawl out from underneath the porch she didn't notice he looked radiant
and god she cussed the girl who cut her hair
she looked just hit by the wheel
and he's pulling up the grass he crushed into his hand
he notices the leaves look radiant

and cold it rakes and tears the break of day they find her wrapped in the steel
rags of his coat hang like tassels from his sleeves waking up late again so radiant
and they chiseled it out and her parents figured out the words
she's causing nothing but pain
they got the stone at a deal
and the retarded man who's laughing pop out of his nose underneath the ridge he smiles so radiantly

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