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30000 Megatons - text


30000 Megatons

There’s 30000 megatons pointed at her and him and you and me and everyone we
i look out at the mirror, look out at the world, 30000 megatons is just what we
I don't get out of bed no more,
beasts learned to talk a bit just to survive,
but we're not even beasts, it's a wonder we're alive,
we're baser than the base, deaf and dumb and blind,

I'll not stand for Maybelline or Kyle or Jackie O.
Or my sunburnt country burning people I don't know,
I'll not stand alone or sing in one tune,
to see a Virgin air hostess serve Bolly on the moon,

And if I was the man on the Moon I wouldn't let us near,
I'd stand on a crater with my shotgun to the sky,
and leave us to our mines and our Tinder 'til we die,
and the Earth will sigh, and the Moon will wipe its brow,

We need 30000 megatons, push the button now.

Out on the street it's only vitamins and hate,
We'll soon be out of Xanax and then it'll be too late,
We need 30000 megatons, why wait?

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