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hey there carpenter ant going to work
lift ten times your weight
try but you can't pick up that shovel
fix up your house
check out your level
the floor slants
you're getting close to the center
you pick up vibrations
reception is bad
better clean those antenna
drove where's it at
your thin as a rail
start laying on fat
get ready for winter
in your black ant syntax it means
love and obey your queen

there's the queen of your world
she's wearing that sent
the workers can't have the carpenter girl
she's ten times your size but thin in the waist
you look in here eyes
her abdomen curls
down in the hole that your prom
there's jam on her jaws
the picnic is over
better pick up the crumbs
down in the weeds long on the trail
what I don't need opposable thumbs

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