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Stars And Scars - text


stars and scars are shining upon the snow that's hiding
what's underneath and rotten should be forgotten
though inside it's warmer the cold is good for keeping
all the secrets that slept are better off left sleeping

you come out, you go out
you don't go home

stars and scars are shining they're not about revealing
they've covered up what's better, what's better off left keeping
though your breath is speaking through the clouds are breathing
it's like they're trying to tell me that everything is seeing

you come out, you go out
you don't go home

didn't want to go
stayed out in the cold
to keep out what I know
to keep from getting old
i'm always at a loss
ten times out of ten
i don't know where to start
how do you begin
i found out that you sold
all the things i own
didn't want to know
or think of you at all
one thing that I've learned
is inside you get burned
outside in the cold
you never have to know

you come out, you go out
you don't go home

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